Saturday, December 22, 2007

cool weather LSD

It was a cool morning and i actually managed to fight against the comfort of my bed and change into my running gear....

decided to just go 2km more than last i need to settle something later, i decided to just run ard the neighbourhood

started at 6.40am.....i went towards fernvale before turning north to the deserted LRT line before turning into punggol estate....warmup was ok although running was not a bit of tired when i hit Punggol was a struggle as i exceeded an hour of run.....knee started to pain, ankle not feeling good...posture was out of form.....but i am glad, I finished the 14km in on piece...coming in 1hrs 22min

With all the pains coming in after 10km....I need to go back to my old ways....I need to go back to MR

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