Thursday, December 06, 2007

Interval restart!!!

Weather is wet for past few days...including today....rain stop before i got out of office and is still heavily dark as I got out of my house to jog to the stadium..the backup plan is to climb stairs

reached stadium at 7.20pm...did stretching and started at 7.30pm...decided to do 6x400m to restart my interval routine

first round did not push all out.....and recovery was 1min, I was breathing normal again.....second round maintaining and got a sec faster.....until the 4th round...started to few a bit of strain still panting at 1min rest.....the 5th was a every round faster by 1 sec

took 10sec more rest before i started the last one and finished strongly







Probably the most satisfying interval workout since school days.......

Luckily, my speed-endurance is still there after 2 weeks of no running and lack of is to slowly build up my stamina from scratch....

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