Monday, November 06, 2006


After 1 week doing nothing but eating , waiting and sleeping...i was feeling super lethagic when i am back home on sat evening.....managed to wake up and joined JT, divery and lokun for LSD at ECP...decided to run to esplanade and back and run more on ECP to reached abt 30-32km of running..... I started struggling with my running last body and legs seems to forgot how to run....i was unable to control my pace properly..but try to keep it easy.....i was on my own after ahead of the rest.....i started feeling tired even before 10km...i thought might be like last week and just push on...hoping i can warmed up and run smoother... i hit esplanade which is abt 13km....exhausted....U-turned back...and met the rest along the way...i struggled to move forward and gosh! my sole at my ball of foot started to have blister.....i stopped at nicoll highway to adjust my socks before i push whole body was in lethagic state while i was running with my mind only very soon...reached fort road roundabout and met aichai......struggled a bit more to the first toilet to down my energy gel...i decided to stop before i collapse...took quite a bit of watre and walked all the way back to C4 carpark 3km away....only completed 20km instead of 30km today dozed off until divery came back to wake me up...whole body like jelly....took a quick bath which safra runners came running back.....finally...JT and lokun was back....after washup....we took a ride to fretch KJ (is rare..very rare of her coming out for past 3 weeks)...Oops...forgot to get 4D for lottery.... we went down sunshine plaza at middle road for the famous parklane fried wanton mee..parklane fried wantonparklane fried wanton noodle..found the yummy victor's dim sum in there also.......after which we proceed to selegie for Rochor beadcurd + you tiao!!!rochor beancurd....walaus...ate so much and din run much this morning..... after which we went over to RL to accompany WS and JW to shop for their shoes....the attractive young salesboy managed to tok some senses and got a kayano sold after hours of advising his pretty customer.... i got separate from the group from here and struggled to survive the rest of my days....dazing and dozing off..... hopefully, after my CCP....i will pick up my runs soon as SCM is very close from now....


KickJazz said...

Welcome back to the civilised world, di di!

Great to see u ytd! Thanks for the great company :)

weishan said...

im sure u will pick up VEry Very soon! :)

no more jumbo chicken chops for u, surely u will run very fast now! :p

roentgen said...

No more CCP duties! :P

Great to have you back... and good observation about the young RL sales boy and his successful sales pitch to xiao mei! haha.. ;)

P.S. Bought 4D yet?


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