Monday, November 20, 2006

Vertical Marathon 2006

marinas Yes....i reached the top of Swissotel The Stamford again for the second year and I took the above photo with my HP camera.... Only have 4 hrs of sleep due to late supper till 2am the nite before....i amanged to erached in time for the registration at 8.15am and met a few others like ripley, alvo, meteor, kops, jennifery, mythos, sv, commando....... got my number tag and hooked up my championship chip....put my barang at alvo's car before we went for a light breakfast at subway...i took a ham and egg sandwich with a small cup of coke.... waited till 10.15am before is my turn to go was the last 2nd category so everyone was up before me.... it was a tough climb for me as i just did 3rds of MR the day legs are heavy like cement...did a small sprint to the stairs before i climb slowly using 2 steps....after abt 15 floors....i have to change to single steps and alternate with double as i go up....the other guys from my wave overtook me from the start and after 30 floors....i overtook them back except for an ang mo which i never see him again.... i burst out of the stairs and cross the finishing line...stopped my watch and it indicated close to my last yr timing vmmedalbib saw andy at the roof and the other guys just proceed back down....waited and hanged around for quite a while....took a video of the heli-pad came back down to the ground floor...the cert are not we decided to walked around...i went to change to a dry top....collected the cert and i was surprised to see my timing: vm2006cert ISN'T THIS THE SAME AS LAST YEAR!!!!! What a nice 4D number to buy!!! After that, i followed alov's car to marina square to meet up with DR< DO, Stazla, superboy and cokiee for lunch before we went home to rest......


astrogirl said...

well done!
unable to join u this yr (miss the numerous photos we took last yr!) due to my lousy knee.
hope it'll get well soon so i can join u guys next yr!!

KickJazz said...

good job! :)

Anonymous said...

well done! you maintained your PB! :D


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