Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cool morning run...finding back my running form

skpg14km _____________________________________ Due to some last min schedule changes, i guess i am not able to do any more after work run for the rest of this week.....So i told myself i MUST wake up and do a morning run....and I DID IT!!! Drag my lazy and sleepy body out of the bed before 6am....washup and change to my running gears and dash out of my house...half my run was done!!! managed to start only at 6:10am...i was undecided whether to do a 16km route with siong upslope ending or just a flat 14km....after thinking of this coming hectic weekend workout...i decided to do the flat 14km to let my body recover properly for the next 2 days.... The temperature in the morning is always cooling..especially this period of the year where the monsoon is coming....rain has fell almost everyday except yesterday....i keep reminding my body to slow down and have more patience (something which i really lost a lot this year) takes about 4km before my body got warmed up... The sun could not show its power because of the heavy clouds blanketed the at least i will not get the heat this i mentioned before...i have became a 8min this morning, i wanted to try and find back my run non-stop... it was difficult for the first half an hour becos of body adaptation....after body just go numb...hahaa....constantly keep talking to myself like an idiot to make sure i am not going too fast.... reached punggol mrt in 42min..which is 3min faster than last sat long run...just tell myself to move on....the rest of the run was just flat and nothing special.....just a battle between my mind, my spirit and my physical body.. A satisfying run in a cool morning....i guess...i will need to do short runs like this for the rest of the 2 weeks till SCM.... shoes: ASICS Nimbus VII total distance: 14.1km total time: 1hr 18min 09sec average pace: 5:33min/km lap: 5.0km - 29:06min@5:49min/km 2.4km - 13:05min@5:27min/km 4.8km - 25:50min@5:23min/km 1.9km - 10:07min@5:19min/km The haze seems to be back this morning after my run.....8-(

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