Saturday, November 18, 2006

Last LSD........counting down

i was deciding between a flat LSD or a mother nature run......Teelee supposed to joined me for the run has to backout last min as he was too shagged out by Mr Bush's visit... In the end..i decided to head back to mother nature for fresher air...thinking there should be no much pple as everyone will keep away from this place till 3 dec... managed to wake up at 5.30am and catch the morning bus to MR....started my run at 7am..the air was cooling but heated up very quickly as the sun came out very strongly today...din bring my shade or my cap...i will have problem at the golf course....keeping to my 8:2 ratio....i tried to keep myself slow...but i failed...planning to do 3 rds for abt 1hr 15min per round especially for the first round...reached the SICC road at 23min and ranger station at 27:30min....did not stop as i push forward towards the barricaded area......I was blinded for a while by the strong glare from the sun when i was out of the boardwalk area...and have to keep my head low to see the route....ran up the rooted upslope and still feeling fine....i knew i went too fast....saw tobias ran i reached the MR25 time trial route...there are 2 big tree blocked the road completely and another small branch fell across the trail...the one i saw on monday was removed Finished the first round at 1hr 6min....way too fast and same time as monday's run....i did not stop at the toilet as i push on to the second round...trying to slow down my pace....met tobias again in the trail and quite a number of ang mo....the trail started to filled with families and visitors to the treetop walk....hit the SICC road the same time as first round..i slowed down a bit and reached ranger station at about 28min....i decided to take a longer break as i refill my bottle and take my first gel......after that i continue to walk for about 2-3min before i started my run again.....the golf area was very muddy today and my shoes are filled with mud....i struggled and reached the rooted slope and decided to walk over it....This time round....the small branch that blocked the road was removed but the big tree still there...i was feeling the strain as i was running at the same pace as the first round...finished in 1hr 10min....5min slower becos of me purposely walking a bit more last round.....i decided to give it a go although my body was in terrible state....there are more and more pple from school X-country team to visitors and trekkers.....i stopped to refill my bottle before i had off again...i decided to do a "walk-upslope" round so as to survive.....i did not follow my 8:2 ratio like previous lap....i just run to upslope and walk up and run again.....too tired i just take a walk....this time i reached SICC road in 32min and take my 2nd gel and rest a bit more at ranger station.....the golf trail is still as hot and glaring as i struggle thru.....walked over the rooted slopes again and running basically with only my spirit for the alst stretch...saw some indian worker with chainsaw to clear the branches...and this time...the trail was cleared....finished the last lap 9min slower than previous becos of all the upslope walking...... Overall....although is 2min faster than the last time i did 3 rounds with teelee...this time round...the pace control for 1st sucks....i should be doing at least 5min slower.....end of the round was more shag out than the last time....not a good run overall but hopefully is enough for SCM conditioning changed up and had a bowl of mee siam at the cafe....bees started to fill the cafe....luckily..i finsihed my food and get out of the place asap..... mee siam shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D total distance: 31.5km total time: 3hrs 36min 28s average pace: 6:52min/km 10.5km - 66:25min@6:20min/km 10.5km - 70:39min@6:44min/km 10.5km - 79:24min@7:34min/km

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Teelee said...

Ijoin u the next run,
too tired already


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