Saturday, November 25, 2006

Singpore Marathon 2006 race expo

i was down with stomach problem ever since tues....stepping into the expo today was a ??...can i still run next week? This yr expo is much bigger than last year...with the increased participants, the organizer has done a great job by allocating one whole hall 404 for the collection and the other 2 for sports and fitness expo..... Due to my work...i came down a bit late...reached at abt 7pm which is the peak to queue for abt 10-15min before i got my pack..... scm06racepack 1) SCM 2006 bag - Finally is not a shoes bag....last yr got so many shoes bags from event even for least this year is something bigger and more useful, with a small pocket inside for small stuff and a shoes compartment....impressive!!! 2)White sling bag - I called this a laundry just a big laundry bag to keep your dirty clothings....i guess this is for participant to put their stuff for bag deposit on race day 3) Event Tee - This is the tee everyone take notice off....this year tee is OFF SIZE again!! The sizing is one size bigger than last year which left most participants headache....but the material is different from last year...i was surprised that it is the same material as the red adidas running top i had (which i wore size S)...this material is much lighter and more comfy than last yr 4) a bag of pasta - this year pack is small than last yr 5) event booklet - as usual, the informative event booklet which participant must read thru 6) Runspiration information - same as previous yr 7) Deep heating rub sample pack - enough for one rub on the bum 8) Berroca samples - a awful tasting vitamins pills which will be in my fridge for another yr 9) Polar and athletes' circle flyers - a new concept by hivelocity for the sportsmen Not a fantastic race pack...definitely we expecting more than this...i think last yr one is better ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ After collecting the stuff, i went over to yhe Sports and Fitness Expo for a walk....this year expo is bigger and more interesting than last year...more games and challenges for visitor to play and a few new products coming in to the Pearl Izumi running shoes and products.....not so much offer for the exhibitors....maybe just to create awareness for the comsumers......din buy anything today...maybe come back again to grab some 15% off vitamins from VRP

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