Monday, November 13, 2006

Back to mother nature

It was a hot sunny monday..when most working pple are rushing to work and suffering from their monday blues......i struggled to wake up my lazy body and make my way down to MR for a run.... MR was quiet except for elderly doing tai chi and students doing their caneoing training....dump all my belongings to the locker and i startd my run on the usual northern route side....maintaining the 8min run, 2 min walk pace.....Oh no...seems like i have become a 8min runner(i have to walk after 8min of running continuously) after all this long runs.....actually wanted to run slow and continuous but i decided to run/walk so that i can recover faster for my next run..... The trail was cooling..and so cool that my muscles are having problem warming up...i struggled and dragged my feet to run along......reached the road at SICC at about 23min and hit the ranger station at 27min.....since i din drink much..i decided to continue my run....trying to remind myself to go slow....the trail started to get wet and muddy only i reached jelutong towers..... my body finally got loosen up only after abt 5km......i managed to climb the terrible roots hill...the trail from here on was wet and the upslopes are so slippery..i was basically sliding along....i wonder how normal trainers can grip on as even my salomon trail already has problem with the traction As i was exiting the trail into the fitness station, there was a medium size tree trunk blocking the road..must be a deadfall from past few days of heavy quads are getting heavy as i struggled and complete the first round in 1hr that was way faster than my last run.....decided to skip the toilet and continue on to the 2nd round...... The northern trail this time became easier after my muscles loosen up but my quads are getting heavier as i climb the slopes.......reached the ranger station at the same time as the 1st round...27min...took a toilet break and refill my water bottle.....this time...i decided to walk up the roots slope.....reached the MR time trial route....i struggled to keep within the 8min run time....endured and push on..managed to finish the 2nd round in 1hr 6min...not bad...well expanded...i doubt i can carry on one more round.... must be havent recovered from sat hot legs are heavy for the start and last part of the run...maybe need to trim down some fat from my quads..... a good fast run this per past few weather in morning and rain comes in late morning or noon time to ease the heat...... time to nap.....zzzzzzz

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