Saturday, November 11, 2006

hot LSD run in HSP...DNF again

bsp17km Due to tight schedule for today, i planned to do LSD in HSP area...decided to do 2 rounds of the above route....actually want to wake up at 5.30am and start at 6am...however, i ws just damn lazy and only managed to wake up at 6+am and start at 7am...i thought was that i can catch the morning sun....i have changed my insole for my adidas adizero SN and also today i will also try out my new wrightsocks started with rigid muscles..8min run and 2min walk is what i going to do....i tried to control my pace and keep telling myself to run slower..the body was feeling chilled as the morning wind blows....reached punggol and saw gentle who is doing his rounds in punggol for his took me quite a while to get loosen up..i was hit by strong headwinds as i run towards punggole mrt by the big field....i reached punggol mrt...hoping to refill my water...but damned!! i cannot find the toilet...i remember it was somewhere...but wasted about 2-3min running in and out looking for it but failed....i decided to carry on and topup at fernvale. the sky has turned bright and the sun started to come out...i reached fernvale and took my first energy gel...topup my waterbottle before i carried on to jalan legs started to feel the strain as i struggled up the slopes of YCK road...keep telling myself to go slow...i reached back to the start point drenched...the sun is showing its 100% power.... Kep telling myself to go slow for the start of the 2nd round..i was fellign a bit strain by the heat...took a toilet break and water refill at buangkok MRT before i continue my way... i was lucky that clouds started to hide the sun as i was running along sengkang east way...there will be no shade from the sun for about 80% of this route....the headwind is still there as i reached the edgefield of punggol along the LRT..stopped at a kopitiam to refill my water...i ws drinking more and pouring water over my head to cool my body...reached punggol MRT 2min slower than previous rounds....might be the toilet breaks i legs are feeling hard and tired as i made my way back to sengkang....i turned towards the deserted LRT line and struggled to maintain my 8min run....i shorted one of my run to head is burning from the blistering heat and i decided to cut short my run and end at fernvale LRT before dehydration set in.... decided to take a 2km walk back to start line as i took a bottle of cold 100 plus to ease the heat...i did not managed to complete the run again....and did not managed to hit 30km... looking at the history of my run for past 2 months....look like...the 2 weeks of national duty without any runs during weekdays does affect my condition badly...before i went in..i can do a 3rds of MR without major upset and now...i started to struggle at only about 25km....heard that next yr will be will be 2.5 weeks....might be within 3 weeks from D-day Shoes: Adidas Adizero SN distance: 28.8km total time: 3hrs 06min 35sec average pace: 6:29min/km 7.3km - 45:53min@6:17min/km 9.4km - 62:45min@6:41min/km 7.3km - 47:38min@6:32min/km 4.8km - 30:17min@6:19min/km


Ronnie said...

huh ??? wake up at 5.30am, started run at 6pm ??? typo error or u really run at 6pm ???

run to live said...

thx ronnie


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