Friday, November 10, 2006

A run for Jackson kopitiam Ngo Hiang

skpgsrjackson18 last minute arrange with JT to run to jackson kopitiam for the famous yummy ngo hiang... as JT will be back later....i started off 45min earlier and do a small loop round the deserted SK LRT route before heading towards punggol...... we did a 8min run & 2 min walk ratio throughout.....stopped by several traffic stops....we managed to catch more rest than usual.....stopped for a whole 5min at serangoon mrt to refill my water..... i did a good 2hrs 10min run for the nite before we headed for jackson kopitiam for the famous Lao Zhong Zhong Five Spice Stall... jackson kopitiam ngo hiang still not enough...i ordered a bowl of pig kidney soup before we headed back to potong pasir to take MRT home..... some train fault issue at punggol line that caused the train we took to stopped for 3-5min at every station from potong pasir->serangoon->kovan->hougang->buangkok...before reaching sengkang...can imagine i reached home at abt midnite.... recovering from lazy-to-blog bug

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