Saturday, November 11, 2006

Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2006 goodies bag

Went down to Swissotel Stamford to collect the Goodies bag for next week VM after my shag morning run...i did not actually received any email regarding this..only managed to find out from sgrunners when someone put it up..... it was a quick collection but as per previous years, the bib and champion chip will be collected only on the actual day.... Below is the content of the goodies: vm2006gb 1. Quick Dry Event Tee - definitely better than last yr cotton tee...but there is a big advert for Centrum vitamin this year 2. A "FA" cap 3. a bottle of Centrum multivitamins which contain only 7 tablets 4. a spray bottle of antitranspirant 5. one copy of Men's Health magazine 6. a white towel 7. some ricola sweets 8. a subscriptin form for Men's health magazine at a discounted rate 9. some other marketing flyers 10. A shoe bag to put all the goodies

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