Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The One and Only for this week (I am a slacker)

I was feeling very tired, sleepy and weak on the bus ride home from office...The fast and furious badminton session last nite was drained quite a bit of energy from my body. My muscles are still sore this morning. I told myself: by hoook or by crook, rain or dry, I must run tonite!! Reached home and changed to my running attire immediately, get my gears and head out of the door. Decided to do the reservoir round of 4.3km first before i head out to the road pavement for the last 6km. The run inside the reservoir park was quite slow as I was feeling quite tight on my hamstring. It took quite a while for my body to loosen up as I can still feel the strain from last nite game. did a slow 24:30min for the first 4.3km. Head out of the hard pavement, I was feeling tired and my right knee seems to be feeling a bit of strain. I was slouching!!! I started to concentrate on my posture at this very tired moment and all the Chi-Running, POSE method, Alexander Method all started to pour out of my brain....Important is to run tall and look 30-50m ahead I told myself. After about 3km on the road, started to feel what runners called 2nd Wind!! I was able to quicken my strides and run comfortably tall. I was concentrating to maintain the good posture and My legs went on and on effortlessly until I finished at 56:13min. A bit slower than last week, But I swear my last 3km was my best ever finishing run. If i dun stop, I believe I can go on and on at that fast speed for 1-2km more. Due to busy schedules, This will be my one and only run of the week. Take it as a rest week before I ramp up my runs again next week. 12 Oct 2005 WEDNESDAY 7.00pm Route: run one round reservoir for 4.3km then one run on road for 6km Distance: 10.3km Time Taken : 56:13 min Average pace : 5:26 min/km Shoe: ASICS Cumulus VI Lap breakdown: 2.4km for 13:30min@5:38min/km 1.9km for 10:58min@5:46min/km 6km for 31:44min@5:17min/km Suddenly, I decided to time my 0.5km walk....I did it for about 6min at the pace of 2min/km....hmmm..should start planning my run/walk for year end marathon.. Cheers..............To Rest is to recover for longer journey tomolo.

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