Sunday, October 02, 2005

Crazy escort Run: In support for TLR

Apologise for those who are expecting this entry earlier, kind of lazy and busy to blog for the past 2 days. It was a last minute twist of events during last weekend inaugral Ultramarathon in Singapore. Some surprises like Adrian Mok injured before his last marathon and limped all the way back to NTU in 27++hrs. An irony that the oldest runner was the first to complete the run in 24hrs 45min...where are all the young runners? Nevertheless, it is the spirit of running, the friendship, wonderful support from runners, supporters and not the time or who complete the Ultramarathon first that wins the day. Now back to the main Topic....the crazy run of my to escort The LonelyRunner (TLR)..After running thru 2 marathons, TLR was really feeling the strain of not preparing for this run. He told me that he did not exercise for the past 2 weeks, with no preparations and training...He was just trying his best to see how much his body can tahan. I was constantly getting feedback from Kops21 the condition and locations of TLR (and the escorts from SgRunners) thruout the I will only join in for the overnight phase after 10pm. after about 2 marathon stations, TLR started to slow down and about 8km before where I meeting him, He feedback that he will be walking slowly.....I decided to make a move I took a bus which goes against the direction of where TLR and gang will be going and managed to catch them at the ulu Old Tampines Road. Only 2 SgRunners were left: DO and BrokenRunner.

So we snapped a picture and carry on our walk. By that time, TLR was walking very slowly and feeling the sleepy at that time. We push on and turned into Tampines Ave 10 towards Station 27.

We reached Station 27 after about 1.5-1.8km of walk. DO suggested TLR to do a "POWER NAP" which he "secretly" found Adrian Mok "secret" to stay awake and still going strong after 2 marathons. It was here that BrokenRunner decided to break away and went home. A TLR's parents and Fd came by and checkout the condition. After TLR's "POWER NAP", we are on the way...he started to look fresher... We strolled and finally reached Downtown East when TLR atacked by the sleep bug again.....we decided that he should take another "Power nap" at a busstop 100m away from Downtwon east....However, this time he is really looking quite bad and decided that we should call it a day. TLR's dad decided to do ferry service so he brought TLR first to Changi Village before coming back to pick DO and myself up.....Do and My legs started to carry on the run towards Changi Village and we started to run like a Bull....we ran for abt 2-3km at a ferocious speed especially the downslope at loyang towards changi...I was carrying a 2l waterbag while he was having a 6 tiny bottle hydration belt from New Balance....but still, we flew until commando camp before TLR's dad caught us and pick us up.

We reached the food center at Changi Village and Do and myself had a good hot Teh Halia. All of us had a good meal of Nasi Lemak before we called it a day at about 2pm. Although, TLR did not managed to complete the 168km run, it was a very good and inspiration effort from him for finishing more than 2 marathons in 16hrs with no exercise of 2 weeks and no preparation. Another great inspiration for all of us was the continuous support and companion from SgRunners for the whole 16hrs which did not let The LonelyRunner Lonely during this long and tiring run.

Although I did not completed the targetted distance and time for this run, I did enjoy myself for the night and get to know more about the experienced DO...and had a very good run with him before the yummy Nasi Lemak...I guess, I will do my crazy run next time when I more prepared also...hahaa

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