Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh NO!! Work also must see the word RUN!!!

I was shopping at a provision shop for my new notebook for my upcoming new work assignment when I found this!!! The perfect notebook cover for me!! RUN! Found on the cover of this notebook is the following passage: "When the runners are taking part in their race, they know they are practising both their endurance and strength. Strength exercise needs to be carried out alternatively with relaxing exercise, flexibility and coordination. The load for players should be proper, special the strength of each muscle part of the athletes waist and legs. Their health should be improved rhythmically by a scheduled basis. The whole dynamic strength should be assembly developed." If anyone understand what the hell this is talking about, please leave a comment for this post. cheers..........running is not only a sports, it is a lifestyle

1 comment:

Ethanolic said...

Sound suspiciouly like a japanese engrish!


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