Sunday, October 09, 2005

Weekly Summary (3 Oct - 9 Oct)

Reached East Coast at 6.30am and joined J, SK and G at 6.45am. We did a light stretch and started our half marathon at 7am. I not sure whether is a good idea for me as my longest run so far for the past 2 weeks is only 10km. So is a big Question mark on my endurance. We started at a comfortable pace until 7km mark at NSRCC entrance when G stomach giving him problem and he dropped out from the group. After about 8.5km. SK started to pick up and he went way ahead of J and myself. So J sticked with me all the way to ford road end and after U-turned at 17.5km, we started to pick up out pace for the last 3.5km. The sky started to turn dark at about 2km, the damn wind pickup its strength and went against us. We pushed on and struggled the strong headwind and finished at 2hrs 11min. A very good timing for me considering my first serious long run >10km after a long layoff. I was acually surprised that today's timing is faster than my last half marathon run (2hr 12min 20sec) at east coast 3 months back before i got my 2 months bronchitis... After the run, we met up the SgRunners(supposed to have gathering today but we wanted to run earlier and went our way). Had breakfast at MacD and went separate ways...Hope next time I have a chance to chat more with the SgRunners.... Here my this week summary: 3 Oct 2005 MONDAY 8.00am Route: run one run on road for 6km then one round reservoir for 4.3km Distance: 10.3km Time Taken : 56:04 min Average pace : 5:27 min/km Shoe: ASICS Cumulus VI Lap breakdown: 6km for 32:21min @ 5:24min/km 2.4km for 13:25min @ 5:35min/km 1.9km for 10:17min @ 5:25min/km 6 Oct 2005 WEDNESDAY 7.00pm Route: Adventure run on new route from suntec to marina south and back Route details: Start at Suntec, running pass esplanade, cross esplanade bridge, along shenton way and turn into marina south. Did one round 4km and out from Sheares brdige exit.walked till sheares bridge before going to suntec, down rochor road and pass bugis junction and finished at st joseph church Distance: 13km Time Taken : 1hr 35min Average pace : 7:18 min/km Shoe: MIZUNO Wave Rider 8 Lap breakdown: 2km for 17:18 @ 8:39min/km 2km for 13:50 @ 6:55min/km 4km for 27:59 @ 7:00min/km 9 Oct 2005 THURSDAY 8.30pm Route: ford road to entrance of NSCC and back Distance: 21km Time Taken : 2hr 11min 36sec Average pace : 6:16 min/km Shoe: MIZUNO Wave Rider 8 Lap breakdown: 3.2km for 20:26 @6:20min/km 2.3km for 15:05 @6:33min/km 1.5km for 11:00 @7:20min/km 1.5km for 10:38 @7:05min/km 5.5km for 33:47 @6:09min/km 3.5km for 20:47 @5:56min/km 3.5km for 19:59 @5:43min/km

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