Saturday, October 22, 2005

Increased Mileage summary (17 Oct to 22 Oct)

After a break last week, I have increased this week mileage, you can said by quite a lot. Total mileage is 53.5km. Below are the summaries: 18 Oct 2005 7:00 PM Route: Run along bedok reservoir road then turn left to tampines ave 1 then turn right to tampines ave 10 then turn right into tampines ave 9 straight to tampines ave 2 coming back to tampines ave 1 and left turn to tampines ave 10 and end at bedok reservoir Distance: 14.7km Time Taken : 1hr 26min 59s Average pace : 5:55 min/Km Shoe: ASICS Cumulus VI Lap breakdown: 2:55km for 14:44min@5:47min/km 1.5km for 8:36min@5:44min/km 1.25km for 8:12min@6:34min/km 1.5km for 8:43min@5:49min/km 1.9km for 11:36min@6:06min/km 1.75km for 12:19min@7:02min/km 0.85km for 5:24min@6:21min/km 1.5km for 7:43min@5:09min/km 1.9km for 9:39min@5:05km 20 Oct 2005 7:00 PM Route: start at shaw towers->nicoll highway until bridge and went towards indoor stadium->cross bridge over to tanjong rhu and follow tanjong rhu road to ford road and turn right going towards indoor stadium and went up nicoll highawy to cross over to kallang riverside park and run towards esplanade, queen elizabeht walk and to empress place -> turn towards padang and towards raffles city->past raffles hotel and turn left towards bras braseh and cross the road to reach the church distance: 13.8km Time Taken : 1hr 39min 31s Average pace : 7:22min/Km Shoe: Mizuno Wave Rider 8 Lap breakdown: 2.4km for 15:25min@6:25min/km 3.4km for 24:18min@7:09min/km 2.7km for 21:01min@7:47min/km 5.3km for 38:45min@7:19min/km 22 Oct 2005 8:00 AM Route: start at NIKE start and go towards NSCC and went about 2km more at coastal road to make up the extra distance needed, U-turn and went to ford road end and U-turn and back to start point distance: 25km Time Taken : 2hr 51min 38s Average pace : 6:52 min/Km Shoe: Mizuno Wave Rider 8 Lap breakdown: 3.5km for 24:14min@6:55min/km 2.0km for 13:03min@6:32min/km 1.5km for 11:35min@7:43min/km 2.0km for 15:35min@7:48min/km 3.5km for 26:33min@7:35min/km 5.5km for 38:02min@6:55min/km 3.5km for 21:16min@6:05min/km 3.5km for 21:20min@6:06min/km

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wow your mileage increased alot! its been a nice interesting running week, thanks chief =P


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