Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Running Gear VI update: My NEW Running Cap

Went for 4D3N shopping trip to the land of angels in Thailand called "Krung-Thep-Mahanakorn-Amon-Rattanakosin-Mahintara-Ayuthaya-Mahadilok-Propnoppara"....OK is actually known as BANGKOK to us...more details coming up when I find time to blog in a new photoblog style. But first, to share with everyone my new "toy" for running. I was at MBK on the first day when I spotted this Sports shop called "Sport junction" onthe second floor. Like wat my gf always said when she saw this," magnet on" and there I went into the shop and the first thing I that caught my eyes is this: A "perfect running cap" from Saucony!!!
  • White in colour
  • mesh cap with "large/huge ventilation holes"
  • light-weighted
  • black under the visor
  • What am I waiting for? I grab it and pay straight away for 350baht (~$15)

    and went home a happy runner......heeeee

    1 comment:

    Ethanolic said...

    well at least this is one baby that no other runner have in singapore...Bring me to MBK!! hehee


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