Friday, October 07, 2005

Crazy Night Adventure Run: Marina South

I was asking J when they having their nite run at Bishan park when She suggested that we should try running around esplanade from her workplace at Bugis. We started asking our running kakis and managed to KT and SK to joined us. I went to the map and start thinking about 3 possible routes to run from Bugis: 1) running to esplanade and went north following Singapore River thru Boat Quay, Clark Quay, Robertson Quay and reach ZOUK and U-turn back the same route 2) Going towards esplanade and go south along esplanade park to kallang river. Running along the riverside till we reached the end near Kallang MRT, U-turn and back the same way. 3) Going towards Esplanade, crossed esplanade bridge running along shenton way till Maxwell road and turn left to marina south. Go into marina south and run round the big loop and come back either by the same way, or up sheares bridge and to exit rochor road and back. In the end, we decided to stick to plan 3 and try to come back via Sheares bridge and rochor road. We met up at about 6.45pm and did a small walk tot eh starting point at suntec. We started and found the construction going on which does not allow us to cross the road to marina square…damn..we got to hit the crowd going up the pedestrian bridge. We finally hit esplanade and crossed the bridge and everything went well. J was not herself…running much slower than usual…might be her previous nite which she pushed too hard and did not recover well. We took 17:18min to hit 2km mark at Golden Bridge. Into Marina South, we met several runners running against our direction and we took about 13:50min more to reached the 4km mark. We started our loop into marina south and everything went good and comfortable. We took about 27:59min to cover the 4km. Then we hit the exit to Sheares Bridge and Out of my plan, I did not realized that there is no pavement for about 1km up to Sheares Bridge!! We decided to walk by the dark undulating grass patch beside the road until we hit the Sheares Bridge pavement. It was a very nice view from Sheares Bridge and we came down at the Suntec side and turned right. We ended up in the crowded Suntec and J started cursing…cos she so paisey to run in the middle of shopping center. We too a run thru to Rochor Road when KT’s friend Horned at him! Damn, caught running in the middle of the nite at Suntec. We went straight down to Bugis Junction and got no choice but to run thru the crowd at outside to reach the junction at National Library side. Finally ended the run at St Joseph Church and took about 1hr 35min for the whole route which is about 13km. < An enjoyable and interesting run overall…Only for thickskinned runners who can run thru shopping center without the need of a shade and cap….Hope to do it again another nite!!!


Ethanolic said...

From this experience ...hope that the next one will be well executed...hehe then i will join you haha

Run said...

me not used to running in city, pai seh la. Typical singaporean. But after this experience, i dont c a problem next time.


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