Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Orange on the wrist for Chinese New Years: Orient Mako CEM65001M

I was eyeing this orange on the wrist for a month...until I found out that there is a roadshow at vivocity and I was free to drop by to take a look...The feel is real solid and the build looks good as other brands that cost 3 or more times than this....the price is astonishing low for this quality timepiece.......
No wonder this is the most popular model from Orient........
.......I was confused and cannot decide whether to get the rubber strap or oyster bracelet version........after thinking and also advised by the sales guy, I decided to get the oyster bracelet piece due to the small price difference between the 2....cheaper to get a rubber strap than a oyster bracelet later

Presenting my first mechanical self-winded automatic watch..ORIENT MAKO. Comes with a nice box and the black book below is the catalog


The 2 lions logo is even on the crown

The backcase with the hologram sticker

On the owner's wrist

I am not going to write too much on this because there is 2 very good reviews with much better looking photos at the sites below:

This model comes with other colour combinations and here my friend, Kym has a trilogy of it...and here is a good intro on the Mako watch 

I just remembered....and I took out my most recent 3 watches that I got

Somehow, I am a sucker for orange to be on my wrist........

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KickJazz said...

yah lor, i was gonna say u really like orange hor ?


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