Sunday, February 07, 2010

Guangzhou food: Our 1st meal in Guangzhou...but not canton food

Our first meal in Guangzhou is actually not canton food....normal visitor probably will not get to find this building because it is located in a village called Nei Gang on the university island among the Sun-Yat-San University campus.

click to zoom in:

I will know how to go again because it was hidden in centre of the old village which is built like a maze.

We are actually having Northern China food....we had northern china food in Singapore but the dished that served out are really interesting and never seen before

The name of the restaurant on the tissue packet

1st is the special pork rib..Superb taste!!!

cannot remember this is fried what

This dumpling is really unqiue...cannot remember what is inside

This is their Shou Mian...eaten by the birthday boy/girl...but nobody birthday that day...and we managed to get this free

This is the Malt sugar sweet potato..nice to eat but the malt sugar is irritating..kep sticking to the teeth

we really do not know what vege dish is this...very nice but one the vege is very very spicy!!
and we supposed to wrap up with beancurd skin and eat

This soup is good for the eye and very nutritious...GouQiZhi Chicken Soup

whole table of good food!!

nobody birthday but my cousin and friends got this cake to welcome is a fruitty cake

and something that caught our eyes are the prints on the paper plates

Happy Birthday to whoever's birthday today

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