Saturday, February 13, 2010

Guangzhou: Tian He golden area

Tian He area has one of the most expensive property space in guangzhou city. Interestingly, the area is centred around TianHe sports & recreation centre which consisted of a large stadium and many other sports facilities like basketball court, tennis court, soccer field........

The street in outside TianHe city, notice the gold building
 at the end

Entrance to one of the large shopping mall in the area...which is like our paragon here

7-up christmas tree

The Movie adverts for the MULAN movie

Outside another shopping malls

Another Guangzhou Restaurant branch

The sports lottery  management centre at the TianHe sports stadium

Carpark entrance to the stadium..and the construction site for Asian Games 2010 Sports venues

One of the taller office building in the area

We reached a park and saw this beautiful tree filled with no leaves but pretty pink flowers

The most prominent building in the area with a fully gold-coloured outer

It is a pity that the area is so big and we have so little time to roam that day...and did not manage to raid more shopping malls for good buy...but I did brought something at one of the shopping mall there...and something finally relaed to running.....I got a nice onepolar hydration pack for SGD$43!!! My best buy in Guangzhou

many functional pockets and can be expended by zipping and unzipping the side and the cushioning and support is superb...I dun think camelbak or deuter has such great hydration pack at this price....similar piece with other brands will definitely cost > SGD$120
And the magical thing about this bag is the waist strap can disappear!!!

amazing design!!!

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