Friday, February 05, 2010

Guangzhou Food: 有腥气粥底火锅 Porridge Streamboat

In Food Hometown 2 episode 7, the signature canton food is 广东粥品, some of the porridge of the cantonese included jidi zhou, ting zha zhou...and in Guangzhou, there is this special porridge restaurant uses porridge as the base for streamboat....apparently, this is quite famous in cousin tried to walk in the last time and could not get a seat at all and the waitress showed him the long list of this time, he made reservation days before......true enough, when we arrived, the whole restaurant was packed....

It was actually located near to one of the tourist attraction called the Chen Jia Chi (Chen's mansion). A MRT/Metro station is called Chen jia Chi and located just outside the mansion....and the restaurant is just about 20min walk away

We actually wanted to visit the mansion but we were late and it was closed at we hanged around the area...can came into this park with beautiful flowers

we saw many groups of elderly kicking feather around
and we also saw a garfield
the old neighborhood behind the mansion

Night falls and we decided to head for the restaurant
The main entrance
The porridge is cook using mountain mineral water so is very nutritious and it was served in a copper pot

We saw this interesting fish called the duck-bill so we gave it a try
Because Guangzhou is along pearl river so the fishes are river fish including this duck-bill, we do not normally get it here because we mainly have sea river fishes has tougher meat but the meat is very Q

I was busy eating and cooking so not much of photos taken

and we saw this interesting bottle of WASABI oil

Overall I think is very good to cook in porridge especially the meat because the porridge helps to retain the freshness and "water" of the meat and prevent over cook as well......and the porridge taste superb after cooking!!!

I think I saw a stall or 2 of this porridge steamboat along liang seah street and one at the Ang Mo Kio central below the big Sportslink.

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