Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Guangzhou food: Chuan Food

The night before we went for the Pearl River night tour, we were led to a small village beside Sun-Yat_San University main Campus for dinner. The food is not Canton food for what they called Chuan Food from ShiChuan area......where the Spicy and Numb Chili Dishes are famous for.

One thing that we are impressed in China is the level of hygiene at the restaurant, all the plates and bowl and spoons are sterilized and wrapped for customer

We had this...taste like potato

and I like this tomato fired egg

This chicken is good...the chicken meat is tough and Q...but too bad is very little


The main highlight is this "water cook fish"...unfortunately, the fish is not deboned and has a lot of small bone...I had a hard time trying to pick the bones

The temperature dipped and these Chuan Food does help to warm the body up

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