Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Guangzhou food: No. 1 Cheong Fun!!!

One of the result for going Guangzhou is the FOOD!!! It was after watching the FOOD HOMETOWN 2 on channel 8 that I got more interested in some of the canton food. Due to limited time and location of some of the recommended food, I actually managed to visit 3 of them.....

In Episode 9, it was about Canton Cheong Fun 广东猪肠粉, the store that leaves a deep impression in me is 记肠粉店!!! If you look at the list莲香楼 was actually listed and in my last post, I actually mentioned that we had our dim sum there. I did managed to try 1 or 2 other Cheong Fun but still none is as good as 记. And this has quite a few outlets all over Guangzhou, mainly at the shopping area.

We went down Beijing Road for the 2nd time is to find this outlet for lunch:

The outlet is packed....although we did not see a long queue, but the turnover is very long queue because we were there cousin told me the last time he came to search for this place, he has to queue for 45min to get in there...and here are food:

One of the specialty is the stew beef with radish:

As for Cheong Fun, it has  10-15 fresh shrimp, stew beef, fish, stew chicken, youtiao, pork, pig kidney, pig liver.....and we order a few and the famous canton porriadges: Jidi Zhou and Ting Zai Zhou...OK..I din take good photos..and I cannot remember which is which

So what is so special about this Cheong fun? It was made using a cloth.....It was made to be as thin as paper and as strong as was very smooth....and the SAUCE is perfect!!!

Just across our hotel in Up 9 road, is another outlet of  记, that's y I love that hotel location......and so breakfast is another round of Cheong Fun and jidi zhou and YouTiao

And all their awards

If i even get to go again.....this is a MUST eat!!!

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