Saturday, April 07, 2007

I am ins@ned and Sinned: Chiba Pro

Saw an advertisement for WOS that they are selling Hi-Tec Spike shoes for $25!!! from the photo, it looks like a shoes to consider for practising POSE and for track workout....indicated that there are only 3 OUTDOOR shops having them: Velocity, millenia Walk and Harbourfront cantre...i decided to drop by Novena Square to take a look..... Reached the shop and din see any spike under Hi-Tec, i asked the salesperson, his first reply, " some screwed up wth the amrketing, we dun have that model here but i can help u to chek other 2 stores" teh end only Millenia Walk carries them and only size US 8 and 9....disappointed me, i walked out of the shop... Hanged around running labs but saw nothing that favours me....walked around and naturally, i walked towards Adidas Warehouse outlet which is a must come for every Novena Square visit..... i went straight to the running shoes section....instead of look at the models available on the rack, i started teh boxes of shoes stacked up for my size......suddenly, a box with US12 caught my eye, i just too it out and open was Chiba Pro with my size!!!! The colour is chio..bright bright enough to be seen at night!! chiba_wbox just trying for fun...i wore the pair and started to walked! is light and with a good ground my running spikes when i was in will be good for track and even POSE work..... i flip the shoes around and saw the sticker 50% OFF and the original price tag...AMAZING: chiproprice Without 2nd thought, i pack the shoes back to the box and proceed to the counter for payment..... AAARRGGHHH...i havent even use my gai gai shoes for my run yet and here i am buying the next pair of shoes!!!! chibapro I thought is quite a good steal for me!!! Time to plan buck up for more runs


Philip said...

Hey bro,

Just a word of caution, use the Chiba Pro with care. Its a racing comp that will probably be good for races up to 10km. Will not be able to give you the kind of cushioning for long runs. This explains the reason why its so light.

A concerned fellow runner. said...

Nice shoes! now you got shoes for all occasions and runs. congrats!

t@z said...

thanks Philips,

as i mentioned, this will be used for track work for my run at this moment...

This shoes can go up to marathon if the runner is not pampered by the current cushioned technology and not depending on the amount of cushioning on the shoes

sad to say, my feet is i will stick this to track work and distance <5km

thanks R3,

yeah! but i need a new trail one soon


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