Friday, April 27, 2007

la Méthode naturelle - "to be strong to be useful"

I remember i saw this short write-up on this Méthode naturelle in few months back. But i just cannot find it again at the website. I remember it mentioning that more detail info about this method in english is difficult to find. It was when i came into barefoot ted's blog that i saw this the second time. There, he even shows his training based on this principle. la Méthode naturelle was created by a french named Georges Hébert The official site is at The main highlight about this method is that it involved
Walking Running Jumping Climbing Quadrupedal movement ( moving on all 4 limbs) Balancing Lifting Throwing Defence Swimming All these exercises flow from one to another during a session of 40 to 60 minutes and enable complete and utilitarian physical development. Moving about, flexibility, freedom of individual action, continuity, alternation of effort and graduation of the intensity of work are the main teaching principles of the method. The sessions take place preferably outdoors in purpose-built spaces or not, but can also be held inside for reasons of convenience.
The following motto really caught my attention: "One's got to be strong to be useful, not only to oneself, but to others

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