Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday is not blue but BLACK today

Everything was perfect, perfect progress on mu project, perfect weather, perfect timing to go off work.... just one thing that makes the whole day black...just 2 hrs to off whole body suddenly felt cold and weak....everything is breaking down....something was not right...even my windbreaker does not help... throat getting more painful went straight to clinic after woprk...waited an hour for my turn 2 days MC granted Damn...just when i dun feel like getting MC and just got my fitness on track got to start a few step back again hopefully an still run this sunday


roentgen said...

cham si... so many of us falling sick. Must take care and rest as much as you can in the early phase of the illness ... then can maximise your chances of running this sunday! :D Take care SMoSK :)

KickJazz said...

oh no, didn't know u were sick!
Rest well di di and hope u spring back real soon! Take care, lots of water and rest yah!


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