Wednesday, April 11, 2007

1km repeats with ironmen

i seldom run for 2 consecutive days....this is the second time for past 1 week...but this time are short ones unlike last fri and sat. abdominal feels okie...the weather try to threaten the plan...... we out late as IM Chan was held up in meeting but we managed to reach tampines stadium before 7pm... it was crowded....filled with runners...including some sprinters with spikes.. very excited abt today's run as i will be trying out my new Chiba Pro... we had a quick 2 rounds warmup (no enough actually) and IM Chan pushed to start asap after short stretching.... today's plan was 5x1000m with 6min per set of run/rest. Calculated that if i need to runn 10min 2.4km means every 1km is 4:10min...with my current condition, i think 10min 2.4km is possible so i target 4:10-4:15min per 1km... The IM sped right the start was shouted, i just follow behind closely.... The new Chiba Pro is wonderful...finally got something suitable for the track...brought back the feeling of running with spikes during school break in required and my feet just went tom tom tom.....the feel of the ground is good.... i think warmup not enough my legs still quite hard and inflexible.....i managed to keep a very constant pace of 50 sec per 200m..... i was still feeling after 2nd set....coming to the 3rd set....started to feel a bit of water for 3rd lap as my bottle is at the start throat started to irritated and very dry... i decided to skip this one and walk to the startline to wait for the last set to start...IM Chan also felt pain at his shin again....he slowed down for this lap and very slow for the 4th. After rested for 7++min....the last set started...left only me and IM D....IM D is a speed demon...he have been doing sub 4min for past 4 sets....IM Chan started ask and i legs was warmup finally...loose and easy....first 200m was easy compared to first 3 legs felt good after a good speed increased...IM D was breathing heavy behind me.... I expct IM D to overtake my after 1st 400m...but he i increased my speed a bit....din bother to check my 2nd 400m timing...i sped for the last 200m and finished with an astonishing 3:52sec....IM D 4sec behind.... Incredible last 1km...although i have to rest for 1 set but it was a good run consider this is only my second interval so far..... I must say...adidas Chiba Pro ROCKS!! chibapro Shoes: Adidas Chiba Pro lap: 1km - 4:14min rest - 1:45min 1km - 4:16min rest - 1:44min 1km - 4:11min rest - 7:49min 1km -3:52min

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Jodan said...

Hi Bro,
Can understand what you meant by running and resting.
You have proven it through your actions.
I will try it out.
But still no confidence to do so lor.
Cos I fear that once I stop, I stop.....


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