Friday, April 06, 2007

Good friday northern hotspring run

Finished work at 9.30pm last nite..reached home at 10pm..lucky able to finish if not today will be another working day.... Since i nothing to do on good friday morning, I decided to join the northern run to hot spring...met the group at 7am, Yishun stadium...quite a good turnout...met some for the first time like leotay, sealboon, gugugaga, jodan, eugene_ng northern_route_yishun_to_bottletree_to_hotspring James with his dopod GPS led us along the way, we went by the hill park behind Yishun Safra...some of the guys got excited with the automatic toilet ...i shown them the automatic UNLOCK after 10min me...this is much better than the one in Bukit Bintang KL that Kenny sia mentioned....that one can use for 15min and door will automatic OPEN we went thru the industrial estate before we reached the park connector that is about 2.8km long which leads to the sea beside bottle tree village...the rest ran the road to sembawang park but i decided to take the beach route...brokie joined me and took photos along the beach met up with the rest at the park where we rested for quite long....james led us out of the park to the colonial estate..we turned into King's Ave..the houses here are big and stylo...after that we ran along canada road...same quiet, serene and beautiful houses....finally we were out to the HDB estate...rested at a convenient shop to get 100plus before we move along canberra road towarsd the hotspring... We decided to take the hilly sembawang road and finally, the hotspring off gambas ave....some of us are just so excited...dipped out feet, wash our faces and limps...after the fun, we proceed to chong pang to wait for some who went to bath....i din wait for them for food...grab a $2 McChicken(YES is $2) and a hot fudge sundae before i left the gang to go home for other appointment......i guess we ran about 15km breaks is abt 3hrs++ run time should be abt 2+hrs A good and interesting run this morning......but I miss MR....back to mother nature tomolo for more negative ions


Jodan said...

Thanks for the advice, mate.
Appreciate it.
Will try to apply it. :)

run to live said...

u r welcome!!

enjoy running, enjoy life!


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