Saturday, April 07, 2007

POSE book: Dr R's autograph included!!

We arrived at Bishan Park and saw Dr Romanov conducting the classes for POSE coach certification..... Something strike me to email synergy multisports to see if i get hold of the POSE Method of running book even though i did not attend the running clinic last week. And I was lucky to receive a last minute reply last nite that it is possible and I can get Dr Romanov to even autograph on it...not sure if possible, i decided to try my luck and head down after MR run.... In order not to disrupt the class, i watched by the side until a chance came, i approached Eug to told his about my intention...he quickly attended to my request and got the book from the room with a marker and came out to ask Dr Romanov to autograph it....i was so paisay that he got to stop his class and autograph on the book and shake my hand after that...... Heard from Eug that there will be more POSE program coming up this year...and they will also bring in the book for local bookstores......good to hear a namecard from him before i left the scene with a excited and happy really a rare chance to meet Dr Romanov in person....okie..should have asked J to take a photo of Dr R and me...that will be really super thick-skinned liao and Here is my book pose_book With the precious autograph DrR_sign furthermore, i got it much cheaper than the listed price in US..... Time to POSE!!! and the incredible day havent ended..............

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