Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Late night run...insane loops

Is late 9.30pm...the latest time i ever started a run for past few years...although in NTU i used to run at 3am!!! anyway, due to some last minute crazy demand from customer to bring forward the project dateline to wed an informed us only last friday, I was rushing work like mad...and is not one but 2 projects....i the only one suffered because everyone else who helped just find out and tell me..i am the one who gather all the messy information and data dated months back to put into the reports..and is 2 reports from scratch... after my appointment, reached home only at 9pm..changed up and start my run at 9.30pm.. since is already so late, i din want to run far...actually planned a >10km run alst nite but i worked till no choice i decided to go loops at buangkok MRT bk2kmloop when i run short, i want keep my feet short and my first round of warm up ended up in 10min flat for 2km...i was thinking whether to go for 3-5 rounds..but in the end, 800m into my 2nd loop, the huge downslope pushed up my speed and i sped till the end of the 2nd round and stop there....a crazy pace......but not good enough for 2.4km 2km - 10:06min@5:03min/km 2km - 08:52min@4:26min/km system screwed up becos i was runnign too many choice, want me to finish today i need to run situation becoming more messy...they just never learn the problem with rushing things everyone waiting for me to submit at the end of today....the top ask me how confident are u, i wanted to reply, "no confident at all, unless u let me run the job properly, but since u insist to finish it today, i just do wat i can do, just dun find me when problem crop up" i know the last part will never happen, it will come back to i din tell him those useless words....

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