Tuesday, April 10, 2007

post-rain short short run

Hit with one strange abdominal pain since last sat.....so i thought might have problem running....i think i better try to see if it is ok to run tomolo.. strange weather...i was abt to step out of office building and the rain came like someone pour a bucket of water from the sky....grab a big umbrella but was still unable to keep my pants dry..... only for 15min....i was still in the bus caught in a jam and then i realise, the rain has stop completely, i thought might get lighter and last long... and so i reached home and changed to my running gear....to go for a short short one decided to just run towards fernvale then U-turn at junction of YCK road and Jln Kayu which is 2.9km away...try to do a slow run but as i go further, my speed increased....hit the U-turn point at 15:54min.... try to keep a hard but sustainable effort and managed to came back at 14++min...so i did 5.8km for 30min flat abdominal did felt a bit of discomfort somewhere during the run but was OK till the end....... hmmm...wanted to try my new shoes but the ground was wet...another day then

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