Sunday, January 22, 2006

Running Gear I Updates AGAIN!!: A pair of Free Nike Shoes

Brand: NIKE Model: Pegasus 2005 Date of Birth: 20 Jan 2006 This is the second time...that after i got a new shoes, another pair will appeared few days later. The last time was because of Salomon sales that i got my XA Pro 3D at a very good price. This time round, this second pair is FREE!! I must really thanks the person in-charge from MR25 to make a replacement shoes for me. As told in the MR25 post report, I got this pair of NIKE Free but both were of the same side, furthermore, one is free 5.0 and one is free 4.5. As i already asked the person in-charge after the prize presentation whether the shoes can be changed as the size does not fit me, he said is not possible. That is why when i discovered the same side pairs that i did not bother to call them up again.However, someone who got the other pair of the other sides of NIKE Free 5.0 and 4.5 called him up about it that he managed to trace to me and make a replacement. Actually, the 2 pairs of NIKE shoes are of US size 8 which actually fit well for the other runner, that's why he went to bring this up and also he is a member of MR25 and knows the person in-charge. Now back to this my surprise, the new pair is Air Pegases 2005! One of the most reliable series of shoes from NIKE which they started this model years back. I got a size US11 this time, a bit too small for marathon but good enough for distance up to 10km. This shoes is a bit narrow cos the width is actually normal D but fits well and comfy. hopefully after few runs, it will expand a bit for my feet. With this sudden appearance of my 6th running shoes on the shelf...i guess, i got to rotate and run more for the new year.

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