Monday, January 16, 2006

Running Gear I updated : A new year, A pair of new running shoes

Brand: ASICS Model: NIMBUS VII Date of Purchase: 14 Jan 2006 The supination on my right legs is killing my long running life. After my last marathon, my right legs started to feel the strain for a week.....I was wearing Mizuno Wave Rider VIII..looks like the cushioning for this shoes is not enough for my supination. I was eyeing the new cumulus VII...but unfortunately, the cushioning did not feel good enough (feeling abt or a bit better than my WR8) the end, after i tried this nimbus, i took a long time to consider and decided to take the risk of buying this to save my legs first....this shoes is defintiely much much heavier than my cumulus VI and Wave Rider 8...but the support and cushioning is superb!!! something not very comfortable for me is the higher and thicker cushioning at the heel. I am not a heel lander so this is not a good thing for me. (it will weigh down my foot)..... also after advise from the sales manager, i decided to take this my surprised also, my size really increased after all the pounding on my legs....----> SIZE 12!!!!

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