Thursday, January 12, 2006

intervals!!!!! yucks!!

Today rain was as per past days.....long and decided to make a trip to toa payoh sport that if it rain, i can go gym for some workout, if it is clear, i will head for the stadium track... it was still raining when i left office but to my surprised, it stopped completely when i reached the intervals was on it has been at least 5 yrs ever since i stepped onto a track to do itnervals or even to run....memories of hard runs, intervals, fartleks started to appear in my brain.... the track was wet so did a run on lane 3....targeted 6 rounds of 400m...1:45min per lap with 1:30min rest....i guess today did quite well with the timing as i was able to keep around 1:40min and not feeling very strain or over-stress.... lap 1: time - 1:32min pace - 3:50min/Km rest: 1:35min lap 2: time - 1:37min pace - 4:02min/Km rest:1:31min lap 3: time - 1:38min pace - 4:05min/Km rest:1:53min lap 4: time - 1:39min pace - 4:07min/Km rest:1:36min lap 5: time - 1:42min pace - 4:15min/Km rest:1:41min lap 6: time - 1:39min pace - 4:07min/Km cheers......

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