Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another 1km in water

Decided to pop by Geylang East Swimming pool after work for a swim and to checkout the crowd in the expected...this ulu, difficult to reach place has much less swimmers than other pools... so i tried 20 laps of breaststroke took a time of 26min 17sec..this was about 2 min off my freestyle.....hmmm....but breststroke is definitely more siong for long distance than freestyle because of all the popping up and down...more movement needed especially the legs.....did not time my 10laps split but i believe is definitely faster than the 2nd half.....felt very strain after about 12 rounds but managed to struggle thru and finish it. hopefully can swim in coming 2-3 days.....keep this going for a month before i start to do brisk walking.... cheers..........

1 comment:

The Dream Runner said...

hmm... seems like I must really pay the Geylang East pool a visit soon.


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