Sunday, January 22, 2006

New shoes on the Run....but leg breaks down

posted this on sgrunners forum few days back......NUMBER 1 FAILED: 10 wishes and hopes for 2006: 1. injury free 2. no bronchitis 3. finish half marathon below 2hrs 4. maintain my marathon time within 5hrs 5. run for at least 10hrs in MR25 ultramarathon 6. buy no more shoes till 2007. (just got one already) 7. to start swimming once a week 8. be with sgrunners 9. finish quarter marathon below 50min 10. achieve gold in IPPT ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ went for a slow long distance run with S.....planned to covered 21km at east coast end to end....also first time trying out my new Asics Nimbus VII....We went at a very slow pace...about 7min/km for first 14km....the weather was getting hot too and S felt Dehydrated at about 12km. Kept asking her to drink and we started to take walk breaks.....along the way, we met bugs who just finished is 32km from the west and sotong doing his "ninja" run.... my legs was feeling ok until the 14km mark when i started to feel the pain that has been tingling ever since my first run after Ultramarathon. As we walk more after 14km, i started to feel pain at the side of the right knee area....we decided to stop and walk back to MacD at the Ford road we stopped our run, my right legs broke down.....i almosted collapsed to the floor but managed to steady myself.....this is bad...very bad.....i limped and walk and gradually, i was able to walk properly......we took 40min to walked back to MacD and went home after a quick breakfast... I reached my home downstairs and started to climb up my house at the 4th right legs cannot goes up....i pulled my arms and limped and hopped and struggled and finally reached my house.......took a quick showers and decided to rub some muscle rub.....looked at my knees and found a swollen area at the outer side of my knee....looks like is a tendon....i decided to rub counterpain cool and reduce the inflamation....and i guess i hit the right spot finally....for the past week, there is this pain that comes and goes and i just cannot find the problem area... I went down to my chinese physician for a checkup and rub.....he twisted and pressed....finally found that I actually got 2 is at the underside of the knee area which i think is the ligament and the other is the swollen area which is the tendon...dunnoe what these called exactly in english.....but he said it should be the initial ligament injury that caused problem on the tendon during running.....he pressed up and down and even caused my ITB and calves to pain.....serious matter....after massaging, he applied chinese medicine on the plaster and bandaged my knee area....gave my some oral medication also.......he said once i dun feel any pain at the affected side, it should be okie...... i guess, i will be ack in 2 weeks time for him to checkup....cause the problem now is i do not feel any pain at all durng walking and even during short runs to know whether i have fully recovered......not a good thing for the new year........ so many shoes in the house and yet, i can only admired them for the next few weeks.....should going for swim more often


The Dream Runner said...

hmm....the pain on the outer part of the knee...sounds like ITB issues...the symptoms also seemed familiar... best to re-confirm...ITB problem can take 2-3months to heal..

Take care!

Muggs said...

relax!! rest a while and do cross train... don't play play. Rest well.

run to live said...


confirmed not ITB....cos the swollen part is on the fact, the doc said this has affected the ITB when i felt pain when he pressed on my ITB

angelblessings said...

Aw .. sounds painful .. er .. shouldn't you be resting instead of swimming?

No to put you down but please keep your footwear on at ALL times, including when you are showering in public pools 'cos I picked up an infection from swimming pool complex when I walked barefoot 5 months ago.

Now, after 5 months, 5 doctors, 1 staff nurse, 3 hospitals, 1 Chinese medicine personel, X-rays & lots of discomfort later: I'm still seeking treatment for a wart on the bottom of my foot. It has since spread to my hands & is highly contagious... Very frustrating indeed!

run to live said...

hi pool is that? r u ok now?

angelblessings said...

I went to 4 pools regularly 5 months ago:

1. Bedok
2. Hougang
3. Yio Chu Kang
4. Yishun Condo

According to doc, virus can survive in still water for 1 hour only... The warts on my hands have healed but the one on my foot is still there. I'm under observation: need to apply medicine for at least another 6 weeks & see what's the effect. Walking is still a problem for me.


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