Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Year Ahead......

This is the very first post in the new year of 2006. First, Let me wish all my friends, running mates and reader of this blog, a very Happy New Year!!! The year of 2005 was full of surprises and fulfilment for my running life and i hope the coming one will be also another fruitful one. I was hit by a relapse of bronchitis during aug and sept which i had improved my running times significantly...this has really dampened my confidence and i managed to build my confidence again after some last minute training and able to complete my virgin marathon at a comfortable and reasonable time. Surprisingly, i had also completed my first ultramarathon and came in 8th position overall on Christmas day. For 2006, the only thing i really hope for is to keep my health at bay and hope i will be free from any illness that may affect my training plan and progress. I will be planning my running for the first 6 months soon...but at for the next 2 weeks, i will still be recovering from my damaging ultramarathon a week ago. Cheers...............running is for life

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