Saturday, January 28, 2006

Longest Swim of my life

Just when other runners will be heading for their LSD on a beautiful sat morning, I decided to head down to the pool for th 3rd time of the week. at first thinking of doing 20 laps front crawl...but int he end, i headed for 30laps of Long Slow Distance Swim.....30 laps of 1.5km is something i never swim continuously for before ever since i was born.... i started out slow and steady...the first 10 laps was still ok but still, i hit the strain and my stroke went haywire after 10 laps....terrrible....if u seen my second 10 laps timing, it was >1 min slower than the first....but i pushed ona nd managed to maintain the same pace for my last 10 laps compared to my 2nd 10 laps.....and i completed the whole 30laps in 45:13min. I would probablycarry with this 3 swim a week routine for the next 3 weeks with 2 weekday swim of 20 laps and one "LSD" swim on sat morning. 10 laps for 14:15min 10laps for 15:30min 10laps for 15:27min Total = 45:13min cheers...............a limping runner, a struggling swimmer

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