Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cannot run on land, so run in the water

Decided to do more swimming to maintain my fitness and also to train up my upper body strenght and endurance. went down to Clementi Swimming pool to join Sgrunners monday regular swim. There is a training pool which is only 0.8m deep and was very empty so i decided to do my first timed 20 laps freestyle in it. Seriously never timed my more than 2 laps swim ever since i was borned. And this is the first time i do 20 laps after about 4-5 years. and i never go swimming for more than 10 times per year. Swimming in swallow water is more difficult than normal deep pool due to the "increase resistance" of the water. i tried to maintain a constant pace....finished 10 laps in about 13:30min...and i finished the 20 laps in 28min exact....not bad for the first time...maybe next time i will do breast stroke 20 laps (should be faster since my breast stroke is better than freestyle). After the swim, i went over to the deep pool to do some rehab and fitness maintainence....threading water for 20min with "underwater running".........dunnoe how to explain...some new method i trying out........ cheers.......................an injury is a lesson learnt for improvement

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