Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finding back my running form

Ever since I am back from green, my bad health came back nose run badly every morning and my sensitive throat always have excessive phelgm...this really stopped me from exercising again

went to see chinese sinseh....and she said is best to try to exercise again so that my body can build up the self-resistance and it will help in my she said...start short exercise within my throat threshold and build up my body slowly again

After raining for past few days in the evening...i thought this evening with clearer sky looks promising for me to go for exercise....managed to get out of my office on time

got out of buangkok MRT and saw....dark storm clouds brewing at sengkang/punggol but clear sky at hougang i fast walk home and change up my attire...managed to got out of my house at 7pm and jog towards hougang stadium

reached stadium at about 7.20pm...took 17min to run 2.5km with several traffic light stops...met a friend and started chatting for a while

feel like doing intervals so i decided do about 5 of about 1:40min per lap within my throat threahold...first round did 1:33min...damn, is too try to slowed down on second round....1:34min.....still feeling ok...1:32min...1:32min and finally, last round did 1:31min and felt my throat threshold i decided to finish there....we a bit of phelgm to spit (at least not vomit)

did a bit of statics exercise before i went to kopitiam nearby for dinner

tonite's intervals looks promising...look like my running is still there although i slack so much for past 5 weeks....

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