Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back to RL run......long intervals

it has been at least 2 months since I last joined the thursday RL run....the last time was filled with ladies preparing for shape and GE women's run...

I decided to join back the run to say Hi to some of my friends there...I was late than usual..reached only at 7pm due to a long bus wait at my new office

Today seems to have more guys and the ladies who came 2 months back aer all gone except for some regulars

lucky today is esplanade kallang river route...Since I have not been clocking long runs up to 10km.....i predict i will not be able to finish the run if i do it the usual way, so i decided to do long intervals....8min run and 2 min walk recovering

Started out too fast for first 2 sets.....3rd sets started to feel the strain....but managed to reached the U-turn point 5km away at exactly 28min (end of 3rd run)....the return leg was a bit slower but more comfortable....

still managed to finish 6 sets for 10.3km in exactly an hour....

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