Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Burning the red rubber track

Weather this evening is perfect!

So I went to burn the rubber track again

decided to 400m again...last week only managed to do 5 set and my throat gave way.....i guess to do it slower.....so i decided to hit more sets tonite...but going slower than last week

1st went 1:40min

2nd went a bit faster at 1:37min

3rd maintained at 1:36min

4th started to feel the strain but maintained at 1:37min

5rd lost a bit of control on the speed and a bit faster 1:35min

6th lap still feeling ok for my throat and maintained at 1:34min

7th lap legs feeling better and went for 1:33min

I decided that 8th is enough for the nite and went for 1:27min

a good workout tonite.....getting addictive to intervals liao

look like i need another pair of racer soon f i will to do intervals every week

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