Sunday, December 18, 2005

Makan Cycling!!!

This is Out-Of-topic entry …One of the interesting Post-marathon event that I was jio to take part with SK, JM and WS. The date was 17 Dec 2005 6pm (actually is yesterday). It was pouring heavily….I just woke up from my sleep waiting for the time to past…..confirmed that the event will go on due to the rain, I decided to go to the meeting point at ECP MacD early. The rain started to get lighter…I reached MacD and found the participants and organizers for the event. So I waited patiently for my teammates to arrive and the briefing for the event to start…….All my 3 other teammates have their own bikes except for me…so I got to make do with the rented bike…. JM arrived at about 8.30pm but SK and WS were still on the road peddling their way to meet us. At 9pm, the finally arrived…we waited shortly and organizer started to get thigns going…..I collected the bike and briefing was done… This is a cycling cum eating event called Makan Cycling organized by NUS ODAC and cycling club. All teams will be escorted by a safety official cyclist and we are supposed to go to 7 checkpoints to eat the designated food within a budget of $6. The team that comes in first will get a $50 Royal Sporting House voucher….But overall, it is just a fun cycling cum eating session. We took off at 9.30pm at East coast park Kit runners bike rental…just after 10min of cycling, JM’s rear tyre gave way, we heard a loud hissing sound and he stopped his bike immediately for a check….we found a teared at the side of the tyre….we took 15 min to mend the tyre while we watched the rest of the teams cycling past us….. Took off at about 10pm…..we are supposed to go to ADAM ROAD MARKET to eat SATAY!!!….i lead the way and got my teams detoured by a easier to cycle road until bukit timah road where we just follow the road ahead….reached our destination and took 10 satays… point is Johnson Lock Duck rice at Upper Bukit Timah Road… After fighting with the traffic for a while, we finally reached the location but found the shop to be closed……in the end, we brought 2 plates of duck rice from the store nearby…found that we are number 4th team to arrived…next destination is behind NUS for Nasi Lemak. Quite near to our Checkpoint 2 but the up slopes are a killer and the downslopes is fantastic!!! We shared a plate of nasi lemak and the next checkpoint is at the other side of the island: Joo Chiat Fei Fei wanton Mee….. The journey to the east is the longest between 2 checkpoints….2 of us knew the location so we had no difficulty finding the place after a long boring ride… our surprised, we caught up with the 3 teams in front of us!!! 2 of the teams took quite a while to find the place which slowed them down a lot….took 2 big bowls of the famous wanton mee, we are supposed to head westward to Lavender Mixed Pig organ soup. Went by the dangerous and happening geylang, we had no difficulty getting to the location…Had a bowl of soup and off we go again to our next food: You Tiao & Tou jiang at geylang lorong 9….we had a do a backtrack back and this time, we ordered more food…..trying to stuff them in despite our bloated stomach….The next point is our final checkpoint at simpang bedok for prata….. Not a difficult place to find, we cruise along the road and found the place easily…we were the second team to arrived…ordered mushroom cheese prata, milo dinosaur and bandung, we make our journey back minutes after the first group left. We took a easier road by bedok road and east coast road….we met up with the first team along bedok south road and followed them all the way to the end point….. We arrived and completed at 4am in the morning…….from the estimation, only the first 4 teams can finish by 6am…the rest will have difficulty to finish the route….. This was a fun event for 4 of us as all of us have not been cycling regularly and we managed to cover 70km in 6hrs with 7 makaning place and bloated stomach!!! Well done to my team and hopefully, we will be back again in action for our adventure race next year!!! Cheers………….

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sounds like force feeding! wld love to do an overnight something...must jio me next time =)


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