Monday, October 23, 2006

Hazy 3rounds MR Run

an idea came by last nite to try doing LSD in MR to escape the i went ahead and took the gamble....managed to jio teelee to accompany me for this run....we started late so that there is light in the trail. Today's target is 3 rounds of the standard 10.5km route....estimated lap should be around 1hr 15min. TLV pick me up at 6:40am and we head down to MR in the Hazy was as bad as sat morning where visibility is maybe abt 1km to 1.5km. We reached MR and the carpark was empty..i guess today is still an official working day for most. brought 2 power gels and intend to take at the end of every round. Round 1: Teelee was kind enough to follow my pace doing my 8min run with 2min walk break throughout the run....the start of the run was really very hazy...we cannot even see the end of the was hazy even in the trail as we We went slowly to warm up our tight still ache with every steps from last sat wedding run where i went chionging up the slopes at upper pierce road. we reached the ranger station at about 32min flat and took a quick break before we carry on the run....met only handful of runners along the way....the haze seems to be very bad still as we push towards the second half of the lap...we finished in 76min....not a bad timing for me (defintiely too slow fo speedy teelee)...after a quik powergel break, we moved onto the second round. Round 2: muscles warmed up and engine was runnign smoothly....i love the we entered the northern route, we can see the significant changes in the was more cooling and the haze was gone...wlthough outside it was still quite bad...we pushed up the first siong slope with no problem...we hit the ranger station in 31min, 2 min faster than the first..took another water break and head onto the rocky trail.....this time....we saw more runners on the road....the haze seems to be worst at this part of the trail maybe becos there are less trees and vegetations. As we hit the siong siong slope after the golf was exactly the right time to walk...oh man..we took 2min just to walk up the peak of this small we are half way thru the MR25 time trial route...we were hit by woodgrove sec students......and teelee saw his former coach who led him into running in sec sch....finished this round in 72min..took my second and last powergel and onto our 3rd and last round. Round 3: Legs start feeling tired as we entered the woods...same as last lap...the air outside the trail was bad but the northern route air was fresh....just feeling a bit strain...we managed to push on consistently with the 8min/2min run/walk.....we managed to reach the ranger station in was one and a half minute faster then previous......we push on after the toilet break...and it was exactly 3hrs...push on and i was feeling better than my last 2 LSDs after 3hrs....i guess i was more conditioned and slower here...the haze din go away as we hit the golf course....exactly the same time as previous lap, we hit the sing siong hill on the dot to do our walk break....last 3.5km was a mental thing....but as i went thru...i was feeling better and comfortable..but as i push up one of the last few pheglm started to i tried to maintain the consistent slow pace to ease away pheglm.....we are pushing with a feeling of almost the same as last lap...we hit back tot he finishing line in 3hrs 38min 45sec. that's 70min for th last round. ..surprisingly, it was faster than longest duration run so far and one that i managed to maintain the 8/2 run/walk frm start to end..had our replenishment at sembawang hill food centre...we had a plate of chwee kuay and fried carrot cake and also...2 glasses of sugar juice each... great run all thanks to Teelee whom patiently follow my snail pace right from the start to the end Shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D total distance: 31.5km total time: 3hrs 38min 45s average paze: 6:57min/km lap 10.5km - 1hr 16min 25s@7:17min/km 10.5km - 1hr 12min 17s@6:53min/km 10.5km - 1hr 10min 02s@6:40min/km

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angelica said...

hazy still run so much!
must whack teelee too...

30mins runnin in the hazy = 30 mins of passive smoking!!

watch ur lungs!
(gd,haze is clearin up liao...)

take care n see u...


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