Saturday, October 07, 2006

MidAutumnChangiLoyangFullMoon Run

A hasty arrangement seen 6 blessed runners on this wonderful Mid-Autumn fesival nite having their hazeless Full moon run in the east. changiloyang16 After a long day of work, i was quite beaten and tired....but the day is still young...due to BG run on sunday, a few of us decided to accompany Shut for his break fast run and we finalised the run at Changi loyang area. The nite before, the haze situation was very bad and that has stopped me from doing my run...everyone was having before finish work on firday nite, we keep checking the PSI index of Singapore....the most if the haze was heavy, we probably be having out PIG out session at changi village. Checking the online PSI monitoring web before i left office gave me a surprise, the PSI reading of east is about 55 whereas the rest oft eh area can be as high as 80...that gives be a bit of hope.....i was the first to dash out of office and take a train to pasir ris to meet lokun whom will pick some of us up to the start point. i reached adjunied mrt and it was really bad as last heart sank....the MRT went eastwards and to my surprise, the sky got clearer and clearer. the time i reached tanah merah, there is no haze at all...quickly msg everyone, i reached white sand damn early and changed into my new SAF Brooks Maximus and new SAF running shorts..walk walk around...stomach hungry and grab a cup of 6 sausage cheeseballs from Cavana and wait patiently for the rest to arrived..... Lokun came a bit late as he was trapped by his boss just before he left office...he picked Divey, JT and myself and met up Teelee and Shut at changi village... Only managed to start our run at abt 8.10pm..all of us agreed to do 8min run, 2 min walk pattern for the 16km route....we went by changi village hotel and went pass all the chalets and commando camp before we head towards loyang industrial park. the air was clear of haze and it was windy under the bright full moon nite...we maintained a comfortable pace as we entered loyang industrial area which none of us ventured before....went by the famous loyang chinese temple and made a loop before we came back to the main road and head back to changi village....As we came out..i suggested that we take turns to lead for every run since we are all running in pairs. JT and Shut lead first before Teelee and lokun takes over and finally me and Divey before the whole cycle repeat again....we did a reasonable 1hr 8min for about 10km when we hit back to changi village....the nite was cooling and weather was great and everyone was in great spirit...we headed towards the beach and saw families and friends playing with sparkers and latterns....children happily playing with fire and adults eating mooncakes.. We passed the crowded area and SAF ferry terminal and came into this eerie stretch where there is not a single soul around...dark and spookie on a fullmoon nite...we increased our pace and as we reached our U-tun point, we met a group of wild dogs. ..about 6-8 of them...lucky we are not threatening enough for them......our run carried us towards changi ferry terminal carpark where we stopped for a short toilet break before we U-turn back...we increased our pace further as we are on the returned leg of the eerie part and reach back to the crowded area in no time.... Then we found the distance marker on the floor is every 50m so we startd to count down and finally reached our endpoint in about 1hr 57min...well done everyone!!! We had our cooldown walk back to the vehicles before we had our PIG session at changi village..(to be continue)

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roentgen said...

It was a GREAT run Taz :D Thanks for showing us around the Loyang area :P


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