Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chop Chop morning run

Did a short 8km run with gentle...who kindly ran down from his place..and ran back after the run....we decided to do a short 8km he would have done abt 14km this morning....quite a nice pace.....just below 6min/km...we finished 8km in about 47min It was a mixed of mist and haze....i can smell and feel body was itching for a run so i just agreed to go ahead and try.....although is not enough to generate enough endorphines....but at least a little sweat out for the week.... I guess..this year marathon effort will be hinder by the haze issue and my 2 week break from civilization next week onwards.......... must really run marathon this year with spirit liao


Renohtaram said...

maybe they'll make u run during ur time-away-from-civilisation? ;)

t@z said...

i really hope so

KickJazz said...

8km in 47mins *faintzzz*


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