Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hazy lazy

I have been busy on and off work..no time to blog and updates.... Went to ECP to do LSD with JT, KJ, Divey and TL....all of us did our own stuff....KJ having stomach and leg problem din run much...divey did a bit more...JT did a half marathon...TL ran to ford road then ran to changi ferry terminal and back...as for me....i did the planned 32km The route start at nike board near to kit runners...ran towards ford road and U-turn back to start point is 7km...continue to NSRCC entrance is 14km continue to the road to tanah merah ferry teminal is 16km and U-turn and retrace the same route back as before which is 32km..... i did a 8min run and 2 min walk pace....went a bit fast at first but managed to stablize my pace after 7km.....when i hit 25km...i was dying and luckily, the 3 SJJ saved me...and gave me some 100++ to replenish..at about 26km, hit with left leg 2nd toe pain...might be the socks....walk also pain...got to stop and repair it before i carry on....momentum was broke and restart was difficult.....i struggle the last 6km....run and walk....at some part...run 2min, walk 4min....and managed to complete the whole run in 3hrs 25min....not bad consider the haze which came heavy during my last hr of the run and the toe issue shoes: ASics Nimbus VII total distance: 32km total time: 3hrs 26min avg pace:6:26min/km lap: 3.5km -20:51min@5:57min/km 3.5km -21:12min@6:03min/km 7.0km -44:18min@6:20min/km 2.0km -13:14min@6:37min/km 2.0km -12:33min@6:17min/km 7.0km -44:15min@6:20min/km 7.0km -50:00min@7:09min/km


KickJazz said...

Thanks for inviting us to join u for ur LSD! Appreciate it lots!
U did well, but just be careful running outdoors since the haze is really bad lately. Health comes first & I'm VEry glad that u r sensible and will not run when the haze is bad. Well done! :)

t@z said...

thanks for the encouragement!!


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