Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hazy Wedding Run

This morning, sgrunners going to celebrate our sgrunners couple alvo and meteor wedding by doing a wedding run. JT decided to join me to run from punggol to lower pierce to meet the celebrations.....i miscalculated the distance and we took longer than expect to reach...lucky the party not started yet. The haze was terrible this morning...i think visibility is <2km...cannot even see fernvale flats from buangkok mrt.... he wedding run startd with alvo dragging a guni cans with a nylon strings and meteor wearing a tiara and veil to run along...we went along OUTR to upper pierce reservoir park and have fun along the way...we also had drinks , rock melon and watermelon to go along with the celebrations and also videographer(tktan) and photographers(brokie, sotong, Mr Lim TH)....unfortunately, the scenic reservoir became completely white becos of the heavy haze...we even have problem seeing the golf course...possiblity visibility is abt 1km A great crowd and a happy event.....we ended off the day with a bunch of us munching at sembawang hill food centre..... The haze seems to be better......

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