Friday, October 13, 2006

icekimo Run

skyckbishansf15 Slack and lazy week so far for me...the haze is bad for the past 4 days and it is making me a preventive measure due to my weak respiratory system, i better keep away from my runs....tuesday had a treat by my big boss at banana leaf apolo. We ordered 2 curry fishhead which none of them know how to i had 2 fish heads down my stomach + other goodies like prawns, chicken liver, crabs.....these took me 2 days to digest...i was walking with 2 fish heads for past 2 had hot pepper chicken mushroom soup for lunch...another protein loading....i guess if i still dun go for my run....not only my depression will waistline will go bigger also... finally after 4 days of no running, he haze is gone due to change in wnid direction....when i reached buangkok mrt, i only saw heavy passing clouds blown across the sky by strong winds..quickly reached home and change to my running gear, i dash out of the door like a child dashing out to play.... i decided to try out my fren's ice-cream shop at sin ming ave...however, if i run straight there, it will take me only about i decided to went down YCK road to casuarina, turned left to bishan park and make a loop there before going down marymount to shun fu and take a walk to the shop.... my start to tough due to 4 days of no exercise....heavy legs and i have not break into my new brooks maximus, it is difficult to run took me about 4km to loosen up and run smoothly...i was trying to aware of my running style as pointd out by Dr Jo, my upper body always uptight and i was keeping my arms too i keep reminding myself to drop my arms to my waist as i run....after a while, it does felt better and more relax....i guess, i was able to allow my chi to flow uptight style and resisted my chi to my chest and i felt tense quite early in the run actually....must keep reminding myself. I was stopped by several traffic lights which allows me to take a short breaks along the i reached bishan park..i got to keep splitting my phelgm out...i guess my pace was faster than usual with improvement to my chi flow and also the hazy days also caused my throat to be more sensitive....but i managed to push on and finished my run at the junction of marymount and shunfu road...took a warm down walk along shun fu road and finally reached my destination....ICEKIMO...a short report can be found here.... a good run to keep my depression away...and i have recovered some mood to blog shoes: Brooks Maximus total distance: 14.6km total time: 1hr 24min 36s average pace: 5:43min/km lap: 2.9km - 15:50min@5:28min/km 3.1km - 18:35min@6:00min/km 2.0km - 11:31min@5:46min/km 3.9km - 22:08min@5:41min/km 2.7km - 16:30min@6:07min/km


KickJazz said...

glad that u managed to do a run, di di! :)

let's run in HSP next weekday yeah! :)

TekKo said...

With 2 fish inside you, you should swim through all the way


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